County Recorders / Hall of Records

All searches are conducted using the jurisdiction’s search logic by manual direct access to provide a complete and detailed report with photocopies when requested and available.

The County Recorders also known as the Hall of Records maintains data bases containing archived documents used to identify and document information pertaining to a wide range of personnel and legal situations. At Kay’s Rapid Record Research knowing how to search the various forms of data storage indexes is our expertise.

Kay’s Rapid Record Research will provide a full or partial search for the following types of searches:

Search results are listed on our detailed report providing document description, recording information, Grantor / Grantee, etc. When copies are requested they are placed in chronological order along with our report providing a concise and detailed explanation of your information.

Owner Verification search.  We will provide you with the Vesting Deed, full legal land description, and name of current owner.

Mortgage / Assignment Search.  We will provide Open Mortgages (Deeds of Trust), Assignments, Modification agreements, and Subordination agreements, associated with your specific property.

Tax Lien / Judgment Search
.  This search will provide you with any combination of the following types of active liens associated with a person, property, or corporate entity; Federal, State, & County tax liens, Judgment liens, Mechanics liens, Lis Pendens, ERISA (retirement plan federal tax lien), and EPA liens, etc.     

Property Tax and Assessment Information
.  We will provide the assessed value, current parcel identification number (APN), and current real estate tax information associated with a particular property, residential or commercial.

Owner & Encumbrance Search
(Residential or Commercial).  We will locate and provide the: Current owner, Grantor, Borrower, trustee, Beneficiary, Recorded date, Amount, and any Judgments, Tax liens, and Lis Pendens. Property taxes and legal description will also be included in document copies.

UCC / Fixture Search (Uniform Commercial Code)
. Our report can be adjusted to fit the particular documents you request or you may choose a standard UCC / Fixture search. Where your subject is listed as the debtor a standard search will provide active originals and all supporting documents, (continuations, assignments, amendments, and releases. After five years UCC’s lapse and are no longer reportable if a continuation has not been filed, lapsed and terminated documents will only be reported if requested. Fixtures attached to trust deeds remain active until released or the trust deed is reconveyed. These documents can have high page counts therefore we suggest if requesting this type of search a copy cost limit be provided at the time your order is placed.

FBN (Fictitious Business Names) Fictitious Business Names statements are filed and recorded at the County Recorders. Business owners conducting business within the Counties of Riverside and San Bernardino under an assumed name are required to file an FBN statement and have it published in a local newspaper within thirty days, after which they are in good standing for a period of five years. We can perform both of these services for you, as well as conduct a search to verify the availability of the name(s) you would like to use as your Fictitious Business Name.

Choosing a standard search or customizing your request is easy by selecting any combination of items listed below.

- UCC / Fixture
- Tax Lien (County, State, Federal)
- Judgment Liens / Abstract of Judgment
- Mechanics Liens
- Lis Pendens
- Environmental Lien
- ERISA Lien
- Bulk Transfer Sale
- Property Search
- Owner Encumbrance Search
- Owner Verification
- Foreclosure
- Notice of Default
- Vital Records (Birth, Death, or Marriage Certificates)
- Fictitious Business Name (Search or Filing & Publish)
- Specific Document Retrieval




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