Litigation / Court Search

All searches are conducted using the jurisdiction’s search logic by manual direct access to provide a complete and detailed report with photocopies when requested and available.

Civil Litigation (County / State or Federal)
A standard Civil Litigation search covers ten years prior to the current through date of the court being searched, searches longer than ten years available on request. Entities (individually or by firm name), are searched to locate any civil public records recorded as open and closed cases, and judgments by defendant and or plaintiff, you choose what you would like reported.

County Criminal
A standard Criminal search covers ten years prior to the current through date of the court being searched, searches dating back further available on request. Searches are conducted to locate Criminal records recorded as Felony, Misdemeanor, or Traffic infractions filed against the entity being searched.

A full ten year search for Civil and Criminal records in San Bernardino County requires the entity be searched on a micro-fiche index in addition to the direct access digital index; this is completed at no additional cost.

The Probate Department of the Court handles decedents’ estates, trusts, guardianships of minors, adoptions, and conservatorships of adults. Due to the nature of these cases our services are limited to documents available to the general public, document copies can be obtained from this court.

Bankruptcy Court
Search requests for Riverside and San Bernardino Counties are both conducted at this court. A standard search consists of ten years from the current through date at the court, longer searches available on request. Documentation is available from this court upon request.

Federal Archives Perris California (Bankruptcy / District)
This location houses closed case files for Federal Criminal, and Civil cases, also business and personal Bankruptcy case files from Federal courts in Phoenix, Tucson, and Yuma, Arizona; Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Santa Ana, California; Las Vegas, Nevada.
Appointments and case locating information is required, we can acquire or assist in gathering locating information for you upon request.

Kay’s Rapid Record Research has established an unquestionable history of ethical conduct providing rapid, accurate, reliable, daily data retrieval from court records located throughout the jurisdictions of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties California.

Our flexibility allows you to request any combination of courts & information, be as specific as needed to get just what you want.

- Plaintiff and or Defendant
- Suits
- Small Claims
- Judgments
- Municipal
- Civil
- Criminal
- Federal District
- Bankruptcy
- National Archives (Federal / Bankruptcy)
- Probate
- Family Law




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