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Information and Data from Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

Kay’s Rapid Record Research searches and retrieves court records from all Courts in the Jurisdictions of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties of California to include Federal, State, County, and Municipal levels of government. Our in house researchers constantly achieve rapid, accurate, retrieval of court records from all indexes necessary to provide a full coverage search for your entity. Kay’s Rapid Record Research will help you locate those old or hard to find court records, provided they have not been destroyed or restricted by the Freedom of Information Act (1966), and the Privacy Act (1974). Kay’s Rapid Record Research has been dedicated to providing the highest level of service in this industry since 1991 to Companies such as Lending Institutions, Employers, Law Firms, Information & Data Brokerage Companies and Investigative Agencies.

Kay’s Rapid Record Research also provides complete coverage of the Recorders Offices for both Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. We offer daily document recording services by hand carrying your document to the clerk for filing; should your document have a recording problem we will contact your office to possibly correct it. This helps reduce document rejections as well as saving you the cost of shipping documents unnecessarily.
In addition to recording services Kay’s Rapid Record Research provides document search and retrieval. Our clients have relied on our expert knowledge of the Data Indexes we have been searching since 1991. If a document has been recorded in one of the Jurisdictions we cover we will find it, from Tax Liens, Vital Records, UCC’s, Property Documents, Judgments, or any number of common or unique documents.

When you need accurate, precise information you can rely on, you can trust our research to provide you with due diligence of the highest performance. Kay’s Rapid Record Research was founded on this principal knowing the information we provide directly relates to the smart educated business decisions you make. In the unlikely event it should ever be needed it’s nice to know Kay’s Rapid Record Research maintains Errors and Omissions insurance.

- Court s Searched & Documents Retrieval From Superior Court
(Municipal / Civil / Small Claims)
- Civil Suits & Judgments Searches
- Criminal Record Searches
- Retrieval of Litigation Documents in all Courts
- U.S. District Court Central District California
- U.S Bankruptcy Court Central District California
- Probate Court
- Family Law Court 
- Federal Archives Perris California ( Bankruptcy / District )
- Real Estate Searches & Document Retrieval
- Mortgages, Assignments, Modifications, etc.
- Deeds, Owner Verification 
- Current Owner Searches
(Residential / Commercial)
- Chain of Title
- Foreclosure
- Parcel Number Verification
- Property Tax / Assessment Information
- Tax Lien Searches
- Federal Tax Liens
- State Tax Liens
- Municipal (County & City)Tax Liens
- Judgment Liens / Executions
- Mechanics Liens
- Foreclosure Notices
- Child Support Liens
- EPA / ERISA Liens
- Lis Pendens
- All Recordable Liens
- UCC Searches Document
Retrieval & Filing of Documents
- County Level
- UCC & Fixture Filings
- UCC Listing Reports
- Vital Records Searches & Document
- Retrieval ( * Informational only )
- Marriage Certificate *
- Birth Certificate *
- Death Certificate *
- Dissolution of Marriage


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